Stock TRX Style Challenger / Charger Hood Grill Clearance Lights

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Once again Merrick Motorsports bringing another concept to life. We are the first to bring these Clearance Lights to market for the Challengers and Chargers. 3 Sealed LED Lights are behind grille for a stealth appearance and create more of a road presence for your ride. If you have a Mopar Stock Hellcat hood with the stock Hood Grill these new units will swap out your stock grill. 3 Bright (15 LED's in each) Amber Lights built into stock Mopar grills. Wire harness and everything you need to make them work included. You can wire to your lights or we provide an add a fuse you can plug directly into your fuse box so they go on every time at start up. 

You don't need a Widebody to run these they will fit any model with a Hellcat or Widebody Hood. 

NOTE: These are all PRE-ORDER /  Built to Order and the wait right now is 2-4 WEEKS  Charger / Challenger / Ram / and Durango Lights. Could be sooner.

*Shortly we will have this kit for Chargers too.