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Fast & Easy to use! CHERRI SUDS washes away dirt, grime, and grease with a ton of suds! This thick viscous product is highly concentrated and the suds last in the bucket and on the mitt. CHERRI SUDS is one of the most concentrated car soaps on the market.
Use 1 oz per gallon of water. Use a strong stream to fill the bucket with thick suds. When the level gets low, just use more water, no need to use more product.
CHERRI SUDS is used by high production commercial shops for sparkling clean results and great rinse ability. It reduces effort and cost due to its high concentration of cleaning agents. The awesome cherry fragrance makes it a pleasure to work with.
Works great with a Foam Gun!
Our fast & easy auto cleaning and shine products are dedicated towards keeping your vehicle clean and protected, with an extraordinary shine. I have always taken pride in the cars that I have owned. Having a clean shiny car always makes me feel good. Coming from a car Family, My father and I were washing our cars last summer and we put together these two sets of Wash & Shine Products that had amazing results when combined. We go by the philosophy of OLD SCHOOL SHINE and NEW SCHOOL SHINE.


OLD SCHOOL SHINE Is a Car Wash and Detailer for Classic Cars and Cars not Coated with a Ceramic Coating. Our Kali Mist and Maui Wowie are formulated to work together for those cars. Kali Mist can also be used as a quick detailer on Ceramic Coated cars.

NEW SCHOOL SHINE Is for Cars that are Coated with a Ceramic Coating. Gloss Sauce SI02 is a perfect Ceramic Booster for a car that has been Ceramic Coated, and Cherri Suds is a Non Silicone Wash that is perfect for these cars. When used together you will get awesome results. Cherri Suds Can also be used on non Ceramic Coated cars and works great with a foam gun.

As a Car Enthusiast all my life I have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest Builders In the Industry. The cleaning and detailing process is the last and most important step after you build a high end Hot Rod. With this experience as well as my desire to have the cleanest and most bad ass looking vehicle, I have put together some Professional Grade top of the line products to achieve a higher shine, deeper reflection and longer durability. When done…step back and look at your vehicle. You will have a REAL WOW MOMENT OF PRIDE. You will see a reflection of yourself in your the vehicle. Tag us on Social Media with #merrickshine and show us your clean ride!


Proudly Made in the USA.

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